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Reviewing The Chiefs And Texans Predictions

Before the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans game on Sunday, I made five predictions. Many of you also placed predictions in the comments.

I thought it would be interesting to go back and look at our predictions. I think I was smart for going with a lot of offensive predictions. Go back to the comments from Sunday and let us know how you did on your predictions.

Arian Foster will not surpass 80 yards rushing.

Correct. Foster ran for 71 yards on 18 carries.

Matt Cassel will throw for over 200 yards.

Correct. Cassel barely surpassed 200 yards with 201.

The Chiefs offense will score three touchdowns.

Wrong. They scored four.

The Chiefs will go +1 in the turnover battle.

Wrong. The Chiefs and Texans did not turn the ball over.

The Chiefs will win.

Wrong. Sigh...

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