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Todd Haley Says Texans Offense May Be Best Chiefs See All Year

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Maybe the Kansas City Chiefs shouldn't feel too bad about giving up 35 points to the Houston Texans on Sunday. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley spent a few minutes gushing about the Texans offense calling them perhaps the best offense they'll see all year.

"I gotta take my hat off to that group," Haley said. "That is a good offense now. Maybe the best offense we see. Maybe, really, the best we see from a multi-dimensional attack. That quarterback played really, really good."

Haley likes the Texans offense a lot. As a former receivers coach, he had high praise for WR Andre Johnson. He also liked he strong rushing attack the Texans had in RB Arian Foster and RB Derrick Ward as well as mobility of QB Matt Schaub.

"This Andre Johnson," Haley continued. "I don't know if there's nayone better than him. He is a big time receiver. This back that is relatively unknown, and [RB Derrick] Ward, also a guy that I've always like and a guy when he's been up for free agency and things like that I like to talk about, he made a big play for them.

"This receiver is really good. Really good. The back obviously is good and they had a couple of them as I knew. It was more just when you have explosive players like they have things can happen that can hurt you because they're capable of making plays even when you do a lot of things the way you have to do them."

Context is important here because Haley worked with Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fizgerald. Many would consider Johnson and Fitzgerald the top two receivers in the league.

I agree that the Texans offense is very good and find it interesting that Haley suggests they may be a harder matchup than the Colts. If they really are the best then in a perfect world this marks the low point for the Chiefs defense in 2010.

It's Game Time.

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