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Chiefs vs. Texans: Preparing To Play Against Shaun Smith

In Week 2 against the Cleveland Browns and again in Week 3 against the San Francisco 49ers an opposing player accused Kansas City Chiefs DE Shaun Smith of grabbing below the belt. Video exists of the second incident and that's likely what helped him get fined by the NFL (a fine Smith is reportedly appealing).

Now the Houston Texans prepare to play against Smith and the reputation he's earning as someone that likes to get, uh, physical.

Via Houston Chronicle:

"I heard something about somebody doing something," said defensive end Antonio Smith before insisting such behavior happens all the time. "If you don’t guard yourself, that’s what happens out there. It’s football, an aggressive game. People lose their temper; people fight out there. It’s part of the game."

Some players have said something like that has never happened to them while other players, like Antonio Smith, say it's part of the game and stuff like that happens.

"It all depends on who the person is and what their intentions are," said running back Derrick Ward. "Some guys throw punches, grab unmentionable places, and do anything to gain an advantage for the next play. I’ve heard guys saying they’ve been poked in the eye, gotten hit in the ribs or elbowed to the throat."

My guess is that we won't be seeing any silly business from Shaun Smith. I imagine the Chiefs coaches talked to him after he was fined. It's all good until it starts costing you penalties.

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