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Chiefs vs. Texans: KC Passing Game Gets Their Opportunity, Or Do They?

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The Houston Texans enter Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs as the worst pass defense in the NFL.

No. 32 out of 32.

They've given up over 400 yards twice this season.

So this would be a great opportunity to get on track in the passing game, right? Well...maybe. If the Chiefs care about stats, a 300-yard passing game may not be what they want.

Here are a couple of interesting stats I came across in regards to passing offenses (via Stats LLC):

  • In games where a QB has thrown for 300 or more yards this season, those teams are 7-19.
  • In games where a QB has thrown for 400 or more yards this season, those teams are 1-6.

So while this game seemingly presents an opportunity for Matt Cassel and the Chiefs offense to get back on track, we may need to redefine what "back on track" means.

We'll be delving into a deeper discussion later this week on the passing game and what legitimate expectations are. I'm not saying the passing game has been 100 percent perfect to this point but I do think we need to accurately set our expectations. The stat above helps explain that more passing yards doesn't always mean better. The key is finding that magic number in between.

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