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The Kansas City Chiefs' Play Calling Through Four Games


Since we're at a nice, one quarter of the season stopping point, I figured it would be a good time to review the Kansas City Chiefs play calling choices. Above is a chart detailing how often the Chiefs call run vs. pass, organized by down.

Before people start complaining about the play distribution, this is pretty typical of an NFL team: More runs on first and second down and definitely more passes on third down.

For a little more conversation, here's how the Chiefs' first downs look by play call:

  • First down: 7 rushing first downs, 10 passing first downs;
  • Second down: 13 rushing first downs, 14 passing first downs;
  • Third down: 5 rushing first downs, 9 passing first downs; and,
  • Fourth down: 2 rushing first downs, 1 passing first down.
And again we see a similar pattern throughout the rest of the NFL: more first downs earned on second down than any other time. Now when your buddy screams at the TV on Sunday, "The Chiefs ALWAYS run it on third down!" You can calmly show him this post and shut him up.

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