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Stats Highlight Jamaal Charles Advantage For KC Chiefs Through Week 5

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Before Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs running back Thomas Jones has had an equal or greater amount of carries than Jamaal Charles in each game. 

Naturally, that's caused quite a stir around here and among the Chiefs faithful who think that Charles, not Jones, should be getting the lion's share of the carries. So far this season, including yesterday, Jones has 60 carries and Charles has 50. Yesterday, for the first time this season, Charles got more carries than Jones: 16 to 8.

Pro Football Focus has a stat that will make the pro-Charles fans even louder and hopefully make Todd Haley continue his Indy game play of running Charles more:

Thomas Jones has forced just two missed tackles. In 18 fewer carries, Jamaal Charles has forced eight.

I definitely noticed Thomas Jones' slower feet against the Colts. There were a couple of plays where he was just swallowed up or unable to speed past defenders. In other words, he wasn't making guys miss.

Personally, I understand a couple of reasons why Haley doesn't want to give the ball to Charles 25+ times a game. The injury factor is always there and Charles did have a touch of fumbleitis resurface.

But I think Haley and Co. need to stick to the Indy game plan and at a minimum be splitting the carries 60/40 in favor of Jamaal Charles. Every time Jamaal Charles gets the ball, there is a possibility for a touchdown. You cannot same the same for Thomas Jones. I think Jones has a valuable role on the team but his role should not be bigger than Charles'.

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