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Chiefs vs. Colts: Peyton Manning On The Chiefs Defense

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The Kansas City Chiefs couldn't top the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday but it wasn't because of the defense.

The Chiefs defense played very well against Peyton Manning. Here's what Manning said after the game about the defense:

It is similar to what he (Romeo Crennel) did in Cleveland the two times we played them when he was there. That is kind of how they played us the past couple of times. Played against him dropping a lot of guys in pass coverage, kind of testing your patience. You have to avoid penalties and third and longs. Third and longs those can be tough. We talk about just trying to stay in phase, being effective on first and second down and we did it at times and other times we didn’t do that and forced us to give the ball back.

This is similar to what Manning told the CBS guys after the game but I like hearing it. It means that the Chiefs have a system that really does work. Clearly, the personnel is good enough. This defense may be more talented than the ones In New England and Cleveland Romeo Crennel was playing with.

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