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Chiefs vs. Colts: Pretty Much The Way We Thought It Would Go

The Kansas City Chiefs 19-9 loss to the Indianapolis Colts was about what we expected. Looking over some of our pregame notes, I'd say things turned out about how I thought they would.

Chiefs coach Todd Haley laid out before the game a few of the things the Chiefs had to do to beat Manning and the Colts.

  • Be physical: Haley said after the game he wanted to "take his hat off" to the guys for playing physical.
  • Win the time of possession: The Chiefs lost this one as the Colts didn't have a problem grinding it out. The Chiefs had the ball for 25:35.
  • Red zone defense: The Colts were 0/2 in goal-to-go situations and 1/3 as a whole in red zone efficiency. The Colts got down to the Chiefs red zone three times and came away with two field goals and one touchdown.
  • Force a turnover: Jon McGraw took one from Peyton Manning.

So the Chiefs accomplished three of those four things in the game.

Here's what Rodney Harrison said last week talking about Romeo Crennel vs. Peyton Manning:

"When we played against the Colts, we knew we weren't blitzing. And he told us: 'Guys, don't get upset, don't get impatient. The Colts are going to move the ball up and down the field, but that's what you want with the Colts. You want them to move the ball up and down the field, and when they get in the red zone, try to be patient and force Peyton (Manning) to make that mistake or hold them to a field goal.'"

And...that's pretty much what happened. In the first half, the Chiefs were very solid in the red zone. Don't believe the narrative out of Indy that it was the Colts offense that blew it in the red zone. The Chiefs defense got stronger.

The Chiefs decided to go for it on 4th and 2 down in the Colts red zone. Before the game, Chiefs OC Charlie Weis hinted that something like that could happen.

"But if we hand the ball off or if we throw a pass on the first play that goes for a touchdown," Weis says, "you’ve got to score touchdowns. That’s the other thing, you can’t just go on long drives and have to punt. You have to score touchdowns because at the end of the day, especially playing at home, they’re a tough bunch to deal with."

There were indications all week that many of the things that did happen throughout the game would.

Is it ever OK to lose? No, it's not. But the Chiefs went in there with a mindset and, except for a few mistakes on offense, did what they wanted to do. It's never OK to lose but this loss shouldn't be keeping the Chiefs up at night.

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