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Chiefs vs. Colts: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

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The Kansas City Chiefs lost 19-9 to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday in Indianapolis.

As usual, there were some good things, bad things and ugly things. I've got mine listed here. Give us yours in the comments.


  • Tamba Hali: He seemed to give Ryan Diem fits at times. Hali was able to get to Peyton Manning somewhat consistently throughout the game. He forced one fumble and disrupted several plays, including what would have been a touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne.
  • Defense as a whole: This loss isn't stinging like I thought it would because I'm pretty happy with the way the defense played. I'm beginning to feel more confident that this group can continue to carry the offense this year.


  • Thomas Jones: Eight total carries for 19 yards. He didn't have a very good second half getting stuffed behind the line of scrimmage several times.
  • Second half rushing: The Chiefs put up 84 yards rushing in the first half and, despite the lack of touchdowns, seemed to be able to move the ball on the ground. Charles had 61 of those yards on 11 carries. In the second half, he had just five carries for 26 yards. The Chiefs as a whole had just 30 yards rushing. The game was never a two-score game until the Colts final possession with 4:02 left so there was no reason for the Chiefs to be abandoning the run game. They had to run the ball because.....


  • Chiefs passing game; Ugh. Matt Cassel. Dwayne Bowe. Chris Chambers (briefly, at the end, dropping a pass). Playcaller. Whoever's fault it was. Nothing was going with the Chiefs passing game. Can't say that I've got much else to say about this. If you saw the game, you saw it. If you look at the stats, it shows it.

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