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Chiefs vs. Colts: Game Day In Indy

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It's been two weeks but it's here, folks.

Kansas City Chiefs football.

In about four-and-a-half hours the Chiefs will line up against the Colts outdoors like football is supposed to be played in that cute dome Indy built a few years ago.

It will be a lot of firsts for the Chiefs.

First game in a dome this season.

First game against a 2010 Super Bowl participant.

First game against a 4-3 defense.

I know this Colts team pretty well. As some of you may remember, I spent a week in Miami for the Super Bowl last year covering the Colts and New Orleans Saints. It's all business with these Colts and it's a sight to see.

i was reminded of that by the quote from Kent Babb in the KC Star: "It was a mental thing, Waters recalled Bruschi telling him, and if players behave as if each Sunday is a business trip, keeping emotions in check and muting any game’s importance, then even the tallest tasks seem more manageable."

The Chiefs are on a business trip, folks. We'll see if they walk out 4-0.

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