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September Was A Record Traffic Month For Arrowhead Pride


Joel sent me a message this morning to check Arrowhead Pride's September web site traffic. Why you ask? Because September was a record month in visits and pageviews for your favorite Chiefs blog.

In September, we almost hit 1 million visits and bested our pageviews record by a couple hundred thousand.

Here are a couple more stats about AP:

  • We have 7,737 registered users on the site;
  • There have been almost 7,000 FanPosts made by you guys; and,
  • There have been 13,465 FanShots made.
And since I'm doing all of the search work here at SB Nation, I can tell you that AP was the third most trafficked blog in the entire 284 blog SB Nation network during the month of September.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all that contribute here. It truly is a community.

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