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Thomas Jones Credits Chiefs 'Tough' Training Camp With Fast Start

Kansas City Chiefs RB Thomas Jones made an appearance on Sirius NFL Radio Friday morning and hit on a variety of topics including the Chiefs coaching staff, deciding to sign with the Chiefs and how they off to such a great start.

Jones flashed back to August and said, "We had a really tough training camp. We were hitting every day. We were in pads something like 29 of 32 days. Being a veteran guy, I wasn't too happy about it at the time (laughing). As an older guy, you don't feel like hitting at 8:00 a.m. every day but it develops a mentality, a mental toughness and it gets you ready for the season and I think that's what happening."

Jones said despite this being his first year he and the rest of the Chiefs were able to develop a good chemistry during camp.

He says the camp they went through, the type of camp it was, will help them down the stretch -- and, no, they won't become the 2009 Broncos that start 6-0 and miss the playoffs.

"We're not looking at ourselves as the Denver Broncos or any other team," Jones said. "This is our bye week. We had a great week to get better. We're getting a couple of days off to get healed up and get ready for the game next 13-game stretch."

It's Game Time.

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