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2009 Arrowhead Pride Commenter Statistics

Trei and the SB Nation development team did all of the SBN blogs a great favor by compiling various community statistics for 2009 and 2008. I mentioned a couple of days ago that we had these stats and now, they should be final.

Currently, Arrowhead Pride has 4,713 members and 369,816 comments over the entire life of the blog. Here's how 2009 broke down:

  • New Members - 3623
  • Total Comments - 295514
  • Total Stories - 2510
  • Total FanPosts - 3446
  • Total FanShots - 6531

Do you guys want to know who the top commenters of 2009 were, plus a bunch of other stats? Well, click on over and see. If you want to see 2008 stats, you can find those here.

Most Active Commenters

User Count
Joel Thorman 8276
Steve_Chiefs 7736
UCrawford 6416
hmills110 6156
stagdsp 6055
averagegatsby 5589
DThomasReigns 5540
woodman212 5157
Chiefsfan1970 5139
Patrick Allen 4321


Look at that. hmills110 making a run near the top. That's a sneaky 6,156 comments.

Most Stories

User Count
Joel Thorman 1479
Chris Thorman 832
Matt Conner 113
NJ Chiefs Fan 52
Jon Yoon 19
ChiefDJ 10
Jason Shore 2
Ridiculous Matt 2
Official Arrowhead Pride Parade 1


Joel has really been the driving force behind taking Arrowhead Pride to the next level this year...and the level above that and the one above that...He averaged just under 5 front page posts a day in '09. Amazing production and amazing writing. Awesome work Joel.

Oh, and if you're looking for the PARADE's one front page post of the year, check it out.

Most FanPosts

User Count
Lanier63 91
NJ Chiefs Fan 85
Patrick Allen 85
tomahawk44 73
Steve_Chiefs 70
mistamic 58
krayfish 55
808NaNz808 53
SillyHatDay 48
oldchiefsfan 48


krayfish made a late run at the most FanPosts but he came up short to some of the regulars who have been around for a long time. Thanks to all of you guys who contribute content in the FanPost section. It's such a huge part of what makes AP great.

Most FanShots

User Count
Joel Thorman 1810
Chris Thorman 825
tomahawk44 588
Jason Shore 282
oldchiefsfan 246
NJ Chiefs Fan 176
stagdsp 174
Steve_Chiefs 96
Matt Conner 73
Lanier63 66


Another Lanier63 appearance on these lists. The guy practically lives here I think :)

So how many of you made New Year's resolutions to comment and post more on AP?

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