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Bettors Thinks the Chiefs Will Go Offensive Line in 2010 NFL Draft

There are some interesting odds going on over at regarding the Kansas City Chiefs first selection in the 2010 NFL Draft. They say with the 5th pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, the Chiefs select....

  • Offensive Line: 7/5
  • Wide Receiver: 9/4
  • Defensive Line: 3/1
  • Other: 9/4

Interesting, huh? I can't say that I think they're wrong. A Google search of mock drafts (or just check out 7 of 10 FanPosts on Arrowhead Pride) shows that Russell Okung, the left tackle out of Oklahoma State is the favorite pick.

Chiefs head coach Todd Haley talked about Albert a little bit yesterday and basically said, as long as he doesn't have an offseason like 2009 when he was greatly overweight, he will continue to develop into a better player.

"Branden is another core guy in some fashion for us," he said.

Key words (I think) - " some fashion for us." It may be a stretch on my part, but I think those words show that Haley and Co. are open to the idea of moving Albert. If he was the long-term answer at left tackle, and generally you know that by year two, that's what Haley would have said.

But he chose to instead basically say, 'He's a core player wherever we put him on the line.' Again, maybe it's a stretch on my part, but sometimes you have to try to read into the coach speak and decipher what he's saying.

Haley wasn't without a little praise for his left tackle this season. He was encouraged by the sack totals down the stretch. As we've mentioned before, the Chiefs only gave up eight sacks in the final six games, including zero (for the first time all year) in the final game against Denver, which pleased the head coach.

"That speaks volumes of all the guys but whenever you’re talking about the guys protecting the edge it definitely speaks volumes about them," he said.

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