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Another Chiefs Assistant Coach On His Way Out

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Joe_dalessandris_mediumYesterday, Jason LaCanfora of NFL Network reported that the Kansas City Chiefs parted ways with defensive line coach Tim Krumrie.

The Chiefs are not confirming, not denying, that report.

Today, Bob Gretz reports another assistant coach is on his way out - Joe D'Alessandris.

He was seen being escorted out of the building by security personnel, Gretz reports.

Working as the assistant offensive line coach this season, D'Alessandris came to the Chiefs in 2008.

Presumably, Chan Gailey recommended D'Alessandris for the job since they had previously worked together at Georgia Tech.

D'Alessandris is from the previous regime (as was Krumrie) and was one of the few holdovers.

As always, we wish Mr. D'Alessandris the best of luck in his future endeavors.