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Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson: 'I'll plan on being back'

Derrick Johnson's big game couldn't have come at a better time. His contract expires after this season so he'll become a free agent in March - unless the Chiefs decide to retain him for the future.

"A game linebackers dream about," he told reporters in the Chiefs locker room today.

Indeed it is. He said having his best game as a pro as the Chiefs make a decision on his future was "icing on the cake."

While DJ says it's too early to see what's going on contract-wise, he did say, "I'll play for the Kansas City Chiefs and I'll plan on being back."

"They see my ability," he continued. "Do I want to play more, or start? Yeah, i've been a starter all my life so there's no question about that.

"Sometimes, you don't understand things but you can't worry about that and take a step back. Whenever you get your chance, you have to play. I love this game so whenever I have one or 50 plays I'll take whatever chance I get."

The Chiefs brass have yet to make a decision on Johnson he says but if they'll take him back, he'll be back.

"I love being a Chief."

After games like yesterday, it's hard to disagree with that statement.

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