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Chiefs 2010 Schedule Looks Easier, Less Blackout Friendly

It's difficult to determine what is and isn't an easy schedule since the balance of power so often changes in the NFL. Nevertheless, the Chiefs 2010 schedule looks easier as of now.

Here's the schedule:

Home: Denver, Oakland, San Diego, Arizona, Buffalo, Jacksonville, San Francisco, Tennessee

Away: Denver, Oakland, San Diego, Cleveland, Houston, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Seattle

The Chiefs play their division twice, the NFC West and AFC South and the last place teams in the AFC North and AFC East.

Here are a few initial thoughts on our opponents:

Not blackout friendly

This season the Chiefs had the Cowboys and Steelers on the home schedule which was very blackout friendly. These two teams tend to draw more visitors than any others in the country. Add the Giants to that mix and you've got a pretty strong home schedule.

This time, though, there's no big draw for the teams visiting Kansas City.

Less playoff teams

The Chiefs played 6/16 games against eventual playoff teams.

In 2010, the Chiefs will play just four games against teams that made the playoffs this season.

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