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Five Good Stats from the Chiefs' Win Over the Broncos

Well, it's come to this. The final edition of Five Good Stats for the 2009-2010 Kansas City Chiefs season.

Let's jump right in. No need to mention Jamaal Charles in this one. We'll be talking about him plenty. Here's what we're talking about this morning:

  • Offensive yards
  • Punts
  • LB Jovan Belcher
  • Pass protection
  • Chris Chambers
It's all there, after the jump.

524 Offensive Yards

The Chiefs went over 500 yards of offensive output for the first time this season. And it was the first time since the last game of the 2005 season against the Bengals that the Chiefs went over 500 yards.

Here's how most of it broke down:

  • RB Jamaal Charles: 25 rushes, 1 catch, 262 total yards
  • QB Matt Cassel: 207 yards passing
  • WR Quinten Lawrence: 1 rush, 26 yards
  • RB Tim Castille: 3 rushes, 19 yards
Most offensive yards in four seasons? I'll take it heading in to 2010.

Three punts

The Chiefs had 22 first downs against the Broncos which helped them kick their lowest number of punts on the season. The third down efficiency (3/10, 30%) wasn't there like you'd think it would be with only three punts but that's what happens when Jamaal Charles has big first down runs that gain a lot of yards.

LB Jovan Belcher

While I was watching the game yesterday, I thought I kept seeing #56's #59's jersey on the screen quite a bit. Turned out I was right - Jovan Belcher was the Chiefs leading tackler yesterday with seven tackles.

Belcher has been one of the biggest undrafted surprises for the Chiefs. He played in all sixteen games this season on special teams and started three times at linebacker. He definitely seems like a Haley/Pioli guy.

Pass protection

Here's a great line to compare. In the Chiefs first meeting with the Broncos, KC gave up two sacks and six QB hurries. Yesterday against the Broncos? 0 and 0.

That just goes to show you how much a talented running back can change a mediocre offensive line into a very serviceable one.

Chris Chambers #1 WR

With 5 catches for 80 yards yesterday, Chris Chambers ended the 2009 season as the Chief with the most receiving yards. Chambers has 609 yards., while Dwayne Bowe ended up with 589.

Bowe ended up with more catches but Chambers was Cassel's #1 target during his time with the Chiefs.

Which one of these stats was the most impressive to you?

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