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Greetings From Miami, Site of Super Bowl XLIV

Good evening everyone.

I've made the journey from Kansas City to Orlando to Fort Lauderdale to Miami.  Well, technically I'm in Coral Gables, home of The U.

The flight wasn't great (layovers...apparently a ridiculous amount of people are traveling to Miami this week for a professional football game to be played).

As Chris told you earlier, I'm down at the site of the Super Bowl covering the game primarily for  The biggest sporting event for the greatest sport in the world. Should be cool.

This trip will slightly affect our operation here at AP.

First, you'll get some more stories focused on the Super Bowl, as opposed to just Chiefs stuff.  Don't worry - still all the normal Chiefs news. Just a little more Super Bowl talk.

Second, and I'm not exactly sure how this will play out, but my schedule is going to be a little funky.  I've got some meetings and interviews scheduled throughout the week and I should be able to utilize the computer pretty much everywhere but there's a chance I could be away for a little longer than usual.

(If Chris' boss supported blogging on the clock, he would be around more.)

So that's what's going on this week.

Also, I've got some pretty cool interviews lined up that I'll be posting over at However, I do plan on sharing that sorta stuff here as well. For example, my first question when I sit down with Oklahoma State WR Dez Bryant later this week will probably have a Chiefs flavor to it.  And when I see Tony Gonzalez at the Madden party, I may have to say hello.

Good thing I don't name drop.


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