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Arrowhead Pride is Off to Miami to Cover the Super Bowl

Just wanted to let you guys know that Joel is in the air as we speak, on his way down to Miami to cover the Super Bowl for

He'll still be delivering the usual Chiefs info here, in addition to what I'm sure is going to be absolutely superb Super Bowl blogging.

I don't have much else to say except, How cool is this? It still hasn't really sunk in yet that Joel, on behalf of SB Nation and Arrowhead Pride, has press credentials to the Super Bowl.

I'll be waiting for his first report out of Miami and then I'm sure it will hit me. This is a big honor not just for Joel and SB Nation but for the community as a whole here. We deliver a high quality level of conversation and that permeates throughout the entire site. Much more goes into AP than just the front page writers. It's everyone and everything that is connected to this community.

I wanted to say thanks to all that contribute because you were a big part of getting Joel and Arrowhead Pride to the Super Bowl.

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