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Chiefs CB Michael Richardson Arrested for Alcohol Related Offense


Via, who has a sweet mugshot collection.

This arrest belongs in the "All this for a little bit of weed?" category but it's still a Kansas City Chiefs player who was arrested:

At least 413 people were arrested Saturday during the Gasparilla Parade, among them a NFL player.

And like Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Michael Richardson, 25, the vast majority of those taken into custody were charged with alcohol-related offenses, Tampa police say.

So Richardson was at the Gasparilla Parade of the Pirates (Yes, that's what it's called) in Tampa, was running around with a beer like probably a thousand people were, and got caught by the cops. This could have been any of us on say St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras or Saturday at the park here in Austin.

Richardson's arrest and release was really no big deal down in Tampa. Click over for more info.

Richardson was arrested at 4:15 p.m., in the vicinity of the Howard and Swann Avenue intersection, on a charge of being in possession of an open container.

He was released from the Orient Road Jail at 8:10 p.m. tonight after posting a $250 cash bail, according to jail records.

Mr. Richardson, Larry Johnson spits on your weak attempt to break the law.

Richardson came to the Chiefs as a free agent on September 30, 2009. He played in 11 games last year, started one of them and racked up 14 tackles.

Almost one year ago, 2008 Chiefs 7th round draft pick TE Mike Merritt was arrested for possession of marijuana. Three weeks later, he was released.

I personally don't think Richardson's indiscretion warrants his release but Scott Pioli and Todd Haley may think differently. He's not an essential part of defense or special teams, so he may be considered expendable after this arrest.

What do you think about Richardson's arrest? Was he just being a 25-year old kid? Or an NFL player showing terrible judgment?

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