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Two Former Longhorns Propel Chiefs to Victory Over Broncos

It's funny thinking that during the Kansas City Chiefs preseason, Jamaal Charles and Derrick Johnson were largely afterthoughts. Chiefs head coach Todd Haley took issue with Charles' tendency to fumble the ball at times while DJ was never really a Haley favorite being benched at times for some sort of inconsistency.

Today, those two "afterthoughts" were responsible for four touchdowns, 259 rushing yards and 105 interception return yards.

Not a bad day for the two Longhorns, is it?

Charles put on a display today rushing 25 times for 259 yards. Yes, that's over 10 yards per carry on 25 carries. That also shatters the previous franchise record held by the guy whose job Charles took mid-season.

How often do you get to use a statement like this and mean it: This Chiefs running back is 37 yards from the NFL rushing record. (Hint: Never)

Meanwhile, another Texas Longhorn Derrick Johnson intercepted two passes totaling 105 interception return yards. He showed the speed that helped make him college football's best linebacker as a senior.

Oh yeah, both those interceptions went for touchdowns tying a NFL record with about 20 others.

DJ got the touchdown he deserved after picking off a week one pass and traveling over 70 yards before being stopped just short of the goal line.

Two afterthoughts and two former Longhorns secure the 44-24 victory for the Kansas City Chiefs today.

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