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Chiefs Have Only Score of the First Quarter

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It's 7-0 in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs. Here are some notes:


  • Glenn Dorsey got his first sack of the season.
  • Matt Cassel's 50-yard pass to Terrance Copper was his best looking deep pass this entire season.
  • The Chiefs finished their opening drive, with FB Mike Cox punching it in for six from a yard out.
  • On Jamaal Charles' second carry, he ran for 52-yards. 


  • Matt Cassel fumbled after bumping into G Brian Waters with 7 minutes left in the first but made the recovery. 
  • Matt Cassel ran out for a pass after pitching it to FB Tim Castille and Castille made a terrible pass. It was picked off by the Broncos near the goal line. Just a horrible play by Castille. 
  • The Chiefs are getting gashed a bit by the Bronco running game. The Broncos have a number of good plays on runs and short passes.
Come on Chiefs. We have the lead. Keep it!