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Former Chiefs S Bernard Pollard Still Haunts the Patriots

On opening week last year, Chiefs S Bernard Pollard shocked the football world by diving at Patriots QB Tom Brady. The hit ended up tearing up part of Brady's knee, ending his season.

Today, now the former Chief, current Texan Bernard Pollard, is near another big Patriots injury.

In the first quarter of the Patriots game against the Texans, Wes Welker caught an out pattern and made his way up field.

As he was going down, he was lightly tackled by Pollard and injured his knee. He was grabbing his knee as he went down so it wasn't clear if he hurt it before he was hit (that's what it looks like).

Check out the video for yourself on

Welker was pretty emotional on the sidelines which makes you think it's a pretty serious injury, like Brady's was last year.

Either way, a strange coincidence.

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