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Open Thread: Kansas City Chiefs v. Denver Broncos

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When: 3:15 PM

Where: Invesco Field at Mile High, Denver, Colorado

Broncos on SBN: Mile High Report

  • NFL TV distribution maps are here.
  • Coverage of the game leading up to now is here.
  • Listen to the game online at 101 The Fox (click Listen Live in the upper right corner)

This afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs have a chance to deal a punishing blow to the Denver Broncos' playoff chances. The Broncos already need plenty of help to get into the playoffs. A loss today against the Chiefs would almost certainly spell certain doom for the Broncos.

It's 2 PM now. We'll know more about the Broncos' playoff chances once the early games are done. Get your predictions in early. I'm taking the Chiefs to win a bruiser 20 to 17. I feel like I always pick 20 points for the Chiefs because frankly it's hard to imagine them doing more than that.