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Schefter: Romeo Crennel 'Expected' to Join Chiefs

4d3rc_mediumWe've got a credible voice to add to the throng of Chiefs fans that are calling for Romeo Crennel to step in and coach the defense.

Adam Schefter of ESPN says, "Romeo Crennel is expected to return to coaching with the Kansas City Chiefs next season as the team's defensive coordinator, according to to multiple league sources.

This is very, very interesting.

At one point NFL Sunday Countdown, Schefter used the word "likely" in regards to the potential marriage between Crennel and the Chiefs. A companion piece on says the Chiefs are "expected" to make the hire.

Clancy Pendergast is currently heading the Chiefs defense, a squad that's currently ranked 30th in points and yards allowed. When you go by the numbers, his release could be justified by the numbers. The Chiefs didn't name Pendergast defensive coordinator immediately upon his hire so there were questions swirling whether the Chiefs were waiting to hear from Crennel.

On March 5th, Crennel's agent announced he would not be returning to coaching in 2009.

The Monday after week 17 is called Black Monday by a lot of folks because teams start reorganizing their staffs while there are qualified replacements out there. It would be in Clancy Pendergast's best interests to end his time with the Chiefs as quickly as Monday. He and Haley are familiar with each other so I wonder if they'll send him to the open coaching market as quickly as possible.

(H/T THE_TRUTH for the first FanPost and Keyser Sose for the first FanShot)

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