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Speculation That Gailey Could be a Future Cowher Assistant

Adam Schefter of ESPN and Steve Wyche of have both reported in the last week that free agent coach Bill Cowher (or one of his representatives) has been contacting potential assistants for a future coaching job.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk speculates former Chiefs offensive coordinator Chan Gailey could be part of Cowher's potential staff.

Possible additions, in our view, include offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, who parlayed his time with Cowher in the 1990s into the Cowboys' head-coaching job.  After Cowher resigned from the Steelers after the 2006 season, wearing his finest Cliff Huxtable throwback sweater, Cowher recommended not Ken Whisenhunt nor Russ Grimm but Gailey to be Cowher's Steel City successor.

Gailey was "relieved of his duties" prior to the regular season but the last we heard was he'd be sticking around in some other capacity.

I don't know the details of his contract but it sounded to me as if Gailey had time remaining on his contract with the Chiefs and would fulfill some other non-OC role.

This news isn't incredibly relevant to the Chiefs since his future with the team effectively ended when Todd Haley announced he would be taking the reigns as the offensive coordinator.

Still, though, you gotta imagine Gailey wouldn't mind being the offensive coordinator of Cowher's next team.

(H/T stagdsp in the FanShots)

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