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The Cost of Franchising a Chiefs Player Will Be...

Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger (via PFT) has gotten his hands on the official franchise and transition tag numbers for the 2010 season.

With Matt Cassel last season, Kansas City Chiefs fans should be aware of the franchise tag. It's the average of the top five highest paid players in the league at that position. The transition tag is the average of the top ten players in the league at that position.

The franchise number for a quarterback has gone up about $1.8 million.

Full numbers, after the jump.

  • Quarterback: $16.405 million [franchise tag], $14.546 million [transition tag]
  • Defensive end: $12.398m, $10.193m
  • Offensive line: $10.731m, $9.142m
  • Linebacker: $9.680m, $8.373m
  • Cornerback: $9.566 m , $8.056 m
  • Wide receiver: $9.521m, $8.651m
  • Running back: $8.156m, $7.151m
  • Defensive tackle: $7.003m, $6.353m
  • Safety: $6.455m, $6.011m
  • Tight end: $5.908m, $5.248m
  • Punter/kicker: $2.814m, $2.629m    

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