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The Chiefs Should Absolutely Choose Tim Tebow in the 2010 Draft

I just need to get this out there now, because not only am I tired of being afraid to post it here (for fear of being lambasted and losing any credibility I did have as a writer here at AP) but because I want to be able to talk about this more as the draft gets nearer and the water cooler talk heats up:

I sincerely hope the Chiefs choose Tim Tebow with whatever pick they need to get him.

I know the arguments are many against such a move. And it might sound ridiculous when faced with all the evidence to the contrary. Allow me to beat you to the punch:

1. The Chiefs already made a high-level investment in a QB
With both the second round draft pick from '09 and the large-sum contract given to Matt Cassel shortly thereafter, the Chiefs have made their claim on who they believe to be the face of this franchise for the next few years.

2. There are other major positions of need than QB
Glaring holes at all three defensive levels, the wide receiver position and offensive line have most crying foul if the Chiefs remotely think about a quarterback at all in this draft, let alone one with one of their first few picks.

3. Many think Tebow won't even be successful at the next level
His mechanics, his run-first mentality, his college option experience all speak to struggling at the next level - plus there's that Tyler Hansbrough level of hatred that some people seem to have toward the guy.

More after the jump:

And I believe that those are all good arguments to make (besides the last one, actually). The Chiefs probably will choose a linebacker, o-lineman, safety, wide receiver, etc. with those first few picks. And Tim Tebow definitely won't be waiting in round six or seven for us to pick up when we're finished shopping "for what we really need." So let's be honest, the Chiefs will not be choosing Tim Tebow in this year's draft.

However, that doesn't stop me from wishing for such a thing, or even believing that it would be the best possible move for this franchise to make. As I said earlier this week, I believe absolutely everything rises and falls on the QB position. An elite QB makes their o-line look good (see Brady). An elite QB suddenly has Pro Bowl receivers (see Manning making household names of Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie). And I'm just not convinced the Chiefs have that QB in place.

That's not to say that Cassel can't be the guy. But as valuable as that position is, if I'm the general manager (which every single one of you should be glad that I am not), then I'm grabbing yet another guy JUST in case. And I know there are issues there, but from my perspective, I will let the rest of the NFL take guys named Bradford or Claussen - and I'll take the best player in college football in my lifetime.

Perhaps that's short-sighted or too simplistic. And, just to clarify, I'm not a Gators fan, Tebow fan or in love with Tyler Hansbrough. I just happen to think that you could never have enough promising options at the position, much in the same way that every winning GM in baseball says "You can never have enough pitching." And while I would NEVER wager a top five pick in this draft on Tebow, I would make sure to trade up, down, left or right to get him with that next pick - no matter how much flack I'd get on Arrowhead Pride.

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