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Chiefs Have Two Picks In 'One of the Most Talented Second Rounds In Years'

The Kansas City Chiefs hold three picks in the top 50 selections (top 51 depending on a coin flip) in what many folks are calling one of the most talented drafts in years.

(Ed. Note: Don't they say that every year?)

Charlie Casserly of CBS called this the best first round since the famed 1983 draft. Now, Matt Miller of New Era Scouting has told the Kansas City Star that this is also one of the most talented second rounds in years.

"If you look at safety, wide receiver and offensive tackle, there are a lot of players who normally we would have as first-round players but they keep getting pushed down," Miller told the Star. "I think this will be one of the most talented second rounds that we’ve had in years."

The Chiefs hold their own second round pick as well as the Atlanta Falcons from the Tony Gonzalez trade.

"With the picks the Chiefs have this year, they’ll be able to get three players who potentially can be high-quality starters. To get three of them in one draft, that’s a pretty big deal."

Depending on who the Chiefs can get in the second round, the Gonzalez trade may look a little better.

(H/T WTexKC)

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