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Chiefs Coach Haley Puts Premium on "Good Football Players"

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley also spoke with Josh Looney of down at the Senior Bowl.

(Geez, Josh. Anyone you didn't talk to?)

As we all know, this is the first time Haley has attended the Senior Bowl as the head coach. He wasn't hired until February 6th last year, which was after the Senior Bowl.

"I would say the bottom line stays the same," Haley says of the difference between the Senior Bowl as an assistant and a head coach.  "It's an opportunity to see some of these seniors coming out that are going to be available in the draft. It's one of the few opportunities we get to see them live as coaches.

"The bottom line stays the same but there are some things that go along with it as a head coach that make it a little more busy."

One of the things that make it extra busy, he said, was the "free agent" coaches down there looking for employment. Chiefs GM Scott Pioli also talked about these coaches and indicated that while it's necessary to be looking to upgrade everywhere in the football operations, it can be a distraction from their primary concern which is finding players that fit the Chiefs.

Haley's in the same mindset and said their primary focus down there is to find "good football players."

"You don't always know what position they're going to play for you but if they're good football players and like to play the game then I think generally you have a guy that you can work with," he said.

Too bad there's not a high profile player down at the Senior Bowl that fits the role of "good football player" with some wondering what position he will play.

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