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Chiefs Talk With DE George Selvie, QB Jarrett Brown

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The Kansas City Chiefs talked with South Florida DE George Selvie and West Virginia QB Jarrett Brown following the conclusion of Tuesday afternoon's practice, reports.

DE George Selvie (6'5", 247 pounds)

69.5 tackles for loss and 29 sacks in his career. Probably would have been better for him to come out last year when his stock was higher.

He played defensive end at USF but would likely move to outside linebacker in the Chiefs 3-4 defense.

He's projected to go anywhere from the 1st-3rd round.

QB Jarrett Brown (6'3", 219 pounds) reports he "has a live arm and seemed more comfortable as the [Monday] practice went on dropping back from center. Brown, like the other two South quarterbacks, is making the transition to taking snaps from the center rather than out of the shotgun. He was particularly accurate on drag routes and most deep-outs."

He was nearly picked off by Oklahoma State cornerback Perrish Cox on a deep-out.

Brown is projected to go around the 4th round.