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What The Chiefs Can Learn from This Year's Super Bowl Entrants: Part Three

In Part Three of our series of what the Chiefs can learn from this year's Super Bowl entrants, we take a closer look at the Colts and their ability to make it to the big game two of the last four seasons.

Of course, there's only one Peyton Manning. He has the ability to turn Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie into the next great wide receivers in the NFL. And it's nearly impossible to find one Pro Bowl pass rusher, let alone two, as the Colts have in Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney. Yet underneath some of the most significantly talented players in the NFL lies one thing that every team can learn from when it comes to replicating success: consistency.

We all watched the way Tony Dungy exited from Indianapolis and handed over the reigns to rookie Head Coach Jim Caldwell. Even before he left, Dungy had Caldwell running mini-camps, practices and rookie sessions. It was a seamless transition without egos of any kind getting in the way, allowing for the baton to be passed as smoothly as a Marcus Allen handoff. The players knew what was coming. The coaches knew what was coming. The owner stayed out of what was coming. And the Colts are now sitting in the Super Bowl yet again.

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Change is required when things aren't good. But in a period of not knowing exactly what you have, the best thing to do is allow the seeds you've planted to grow and germinate into something either good or bad. But giving up right in the middle can cripple a team for years. Some have called for Head Coach Todd Haley's ouster one year into the process, but Head Coach is a trying position and something that every new HC must adjust to. Few can handle it well from the outset and those who do are often prepped to do so - just as Jim Caldwell is exhibiting this season.

The moves to bring in Romeo Crennel and Charlie Weis were money moves, no doubt about it. The credibility, intelligence and creativity that each bring to the table was much needed (and missing) on the Kansas City sidelines. But now that we have the pieces in place that we want, this is going to take some time (more than just one season together) to learn whether we have something good or not. Even if the Chiefs tank in 2010, Todd Haley still deserves more time to adjust and learn and piece together his ultimate plan. If nothing else, three years is a minimum that a brand new HC like Haley deserves - at least in my opinion.

From offensive coordinator Tom Moore to the transition from Dungy to Caldwell, the Colts have shown the NFL world that consistency allows some beautiful things to blossom if given time. The Chiefs might not have a Manning, a Freeney or a Mathis, but what they do have is control over the emotions that trigger impulsive moves. Here's hoping the Chiefs lay low on any more coaching changes for a while and allow things to settle into place, good or bad.

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