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Some NFL Teams Have Chiefs LB Derrick Johnson Rated Very High

There is one good thing about the lack of a new CBA and the different rules that would come about creating a watered-down version of free agency: If you've got a coveted player, his value will rise significantly. Simple laws of supply and demand.

Since there will be less names on the free agent market, a guy like Derrick Johnson could create a buzz with teams. In fact, Brad Biggs of the National Football Post reports that Johnson's name has come up in league circles at the Senior Bowl.

One NFL personnel man said, "He's the best player they have on my board."

DJ will be one of the players hurt by the lack of a new CBA, which would put the minimum time needed for free agency from four to six years.

Judging by his playing time last season, the Chiefs aren't interested in keeping him as a core player. He played mostly in nickel situations but what has some scouts interested is the amount of big plays he made in the little time he got.

"Kansas City will be able to control his rights as a restricted free agent or perhaps place the franchise or transition tag on him with hopes of moving him in a trade," Biggs speculates. "That probably wouldn’t be a bad situation for him because it would mean he was headed to a team that wanted him. What his value would be in a trade right now, who knows? It’s fair to say the Chiefs didn’t maximize it during the season."

I think it's becoming clear that the Chiefs will get offers for DJ. What kind of offers is the only question.

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