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Shannon Sharpe Comes Around on Tony Gonzalez

Back in October of 2007, then Kansas City Chiefs TE Tony Gonzalez set the all-time touchdown mark for tight ends. He broke the record of one Shannon Sharpe, former Denver Bronco.

Sharpe, an analyst with CBS, commented in the post-game show, "Yeah, but how many playoff wins does he have?"

At the time, that angered many of us because it was a complete slap in the face to Gonzalez another sign of Sharpe disrespecting a player that was obviously head and shoulders above him in talent.

With the decade ending, Sharpe finally admits that Gonzalez is far and away the best tight end of the decade.

"It's a no-brainer," Sharpe said to USA Today regarding it's all-decade team. "That might be the easiest position to determine."    

Yes, he recognized Tony Gonzalez without any snide remarks or cheap shots.


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