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Browns WR Donte Stallworth Likely to Hit the Market Soon

The Cleveland Browns are expected to part ways with WR Donte Stallworth, according to Tony Grossi of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer.  Stallworth, who is currently suspended, is expected to be reinstated by the Commissioner following the Super Bowl.

You all know Stallworth's story. He was legally intoxicated when his car hit and killed a man early one morning last year. Commissioner Goodell suspended him and Stallworth settled with the family.

Since then, Stallworth has reportedly been in contact with Commissioner Goodell in an effort to prove he's worthy of a return to the NFL. 

Lawyer David Cornell told Pro Football Talk, "With labor disputes, salary caps and all the other business issues clouding the essence of the game, Donte' is betting that either the Browns or another team will go old school and take a chance on a guy who is hungry and has something to prove."

I mention his story because he has a connection to the Kansas City Chiefs.

First, GM Scott Pioli was in New England when the Patriots signed him in 2007. He had a decent season on a high powered offense.

Second, defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel was the head coach in Cleveland when the Browns signed him to a big money deal in 2008. He only caught 17 balls for 170 yards last year.

I'm not saying the Chiefs will sign him because we're still in the completely speculative stages but I wanted to gauge your thoughts on the topic.

Would you be okay with the Chiefs signing Stallworth? 

From a personal standpoint, I'm not quite sure how I feel on the topic. From a professional standpoint, my interest is at least piqued. He's 29 years old and likely looking to have a big season so that he can acquire one more contract. And those types of folks in contract years (see: Albert Haynesworth) usually play their tails off.

On the other hand, he's been on four teams in the last four seasons he's played so that's a concern. 

What do you think?

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