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Open Thread: NFL Championship Weekend

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I'm looking forward to a great afternoon of championship football. As great as the Super Bowl is, this weekend is probably my favorite playoff weekend, with the divisional playoffs coming in a close second. I especially love this weekend because football starts at 2 PM and goes all the way until almost 9 PM. There's something calming about a long football stretch on a Sunday.

Here is this afternoon's lineup: has a Colts/Jets preview up and a Vikings/Saints preview up as well. They're pretty good so make sure you check 'em out.

I'm taking the Jets because teams like the Colts, who can't run the ball or play very good defense, usually get exposed this time of year. And I'm taking the Saints because Favre going to the Super Bowl doesn't compute in my head for some reason. I can't see it happening.

Who do you have today?