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Whitlock Weighs in on Tony Richardson

Finally. Something everyone can agree on with Jason Whitlock of the Kansas City Star.

Tony Richardson is a hell of a player and a great human being.

Whitlock spoke with T-Rich yesterday morning and reminded us all of the long odds he had from the start.

Richardson, 38, will someday retire with the satisfaction of knowing he beat incredible odds — playing 15-plus seasons as an undrafted running back — and played an integral role in the careers of Marcus Allen, Priest Holmes, Larry Johnson, Adrian Peterson and Thomas Jones.

"This has definitely been a blessing," Richardson told me Saturday morning on his drive to work. "People forget that I started out as a practice-squad player with Dallas."

Others from the 1994 rookie class: Isaac Bruce (retiring this year) and Kevin Mawae and...T-Rich.

Plus, he knows how to strike a good chord with us: He says he loves Kansas City and plans on keeping his home there after he retires.

With this article, you can't say you never agree with Whitlock on anything.

Check out the whole article here (and thanks to NJ Chiefs Fan for having it first in Arrowheadlines).

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