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St. Joe Training Camp Facility Looking 'Better Than Arrowhead'

Missouri Western AD Dave Williams hosted a handful of Kansas City Chiefs employees at the Missouri Western campus to check out the Chiefs new training camp facility that's currently being constructed.

Chiefs strength and conditioning coach Cedric Smith, head athletic trainer David Price, equipment manager Mike Davidson, as well as others, were impressed with the facility this week, according to Sam Robinson of the St. Joe News.

"They said, ‘My gosh, this is better than Arrowhead (Stadium)," Williams said on Friday. "I said, ‘Well you helped design it with the intention of not making the same mistakes as Arrowhead.'"

Williams says despite delays, the completed target date is July 1st.

Though highly unlikely, the Chiefs could return to River Falls this year. By February 1st, they have to notify River Falls their intentions to move to Western. Despite delays in the Western project, Williams says it will be completed.

The Western staff traveled to multiple camps last summer including the Rams, Vikings and Bears training camps. The Vikings and Bears were fan friendly and drew 5-6,000 fans daily, which is something the Chiefs are trying to replicate.

Williams hopes to draw 5,000 fans on the weekdays and 10,000 on the weekends. That would be a sharp contrast to River Falls, where 4-500 fans would come on weekdays.

(H/T WTexKC)

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