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Mayock: Tebow's a Third Rounder; Suh and McCoy Clearly the Top Two Players

I've got the parents in town this weekend so I'll just quote what Mike Mayock had to say today and see what you guys think. We'll also have a Friday night open thread posted soon.

NFL draft wizard and football genius Mike Mayock was on a conference call today and had some interesting things to say about talent evaluation in the upcoming NFL draft.

On Tim Tebow:

"Whether or not he competed in this game, he’s got mechanical issues," said NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock. "No question about it, and they’re not that easy to get rid of.

"Most people think that he’s risking the most of any player coming to play in this game," Mayock said. "I think it’s a brilliant move. Here’s a guy who’s arguably the best player to ever play college football, yet most NFL scouts will probably put him in the third round."

And here's what Mayock had to say about Nebraska DT Ndamukong Suh and Oklahoma DL Gerald McCoy:

"The 2 best players I’ve seen on tape this year, bar none, far and away."

Suh or McCoy? I'll take either one.

Alright APers, Make up for my lazy post with your usual brilliant commentary.

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