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Chiefs GM Pioli Talks Weis, Crennel, Others on Coaching Staff

Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli appeared on Sirius 123 today talking about the newly assembled coaching staff in Arrowhead. 

Pioli pointed out that while the Charlie Weis and Romeo Crennel hirings are getting all the national attention, the other pieces on staff are crucial to their success as well. Quotes come courtesy Josh Looney at the Mothership:

"I don’t want (people) to think that there are just these few people here involved," Pioli went on to say. "There is a guy like (assistant head coach/RBs coach) Maurice Carthon who has a significant voice withing this organization. Maurice is not only an outstanding coach, but he does a great job of presenting things in such a way and giving great feedback.

"(Offensive line coach) Bill Muir is another great coach who has had a tremendous amount of experience," Pioli continued. "A guy like (linebackers coach) Gary Gibbs, who has been coaching forever. He’s been a coordinator and a head coach at Oklahoma, who I think had a bigger salary cap than a bunch of teams at one point (laughs). I love to kid Gary about that."

Pioli pointed out the importance of having as many eyes as possible because that raises more questions and thus better answers.

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