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Jets Gave Marty Schottenheimer the Game Ball From Last Weekend

On Monday, Peter King of Sports Illustrate shared a nice story about Marty Schottenheimer and his son Brian, now the offensive coordinator of the Jets.

"Marty's boy, Brian, the precocious offensive coordinator of the Jets, had just done his part Sunday orchestrating an offense with a rookie quarterback and a rookie running back into an upset of the Chargers that left the locals just as deflated as they were in 2006. And as a light rain fell on this crumbling place, Brian took out his cell phone, dialed his dad's number, heard him say, "Hello,'' and son said to father: 'Dad, this one's for you.'"

Jets head coach Rex Ryan took it one step further. Unbeknownst to the younger Schottenheimer, Ryan sent the game ball to Marty.

Marty, of course, had been fired from the Chargers following a 14-2 season.

"Brian Schottenheimer said he was touched when he learned of his boss' gesture Tuesday," the Associated Press wrote, "and joked that it didn't even occur to him to do it."

Great story.

So, we've got connections to Marty and Tony Richardson on the Jets. Two of Kansas City's favorite people. All the more reason to be rooting for them this weekend.

(H/T Lanier63)

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