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49ers Trying to Recreate the Chiefs of the 1990s

The Kansas City Chiefs are often compared to the New England Patriots. No, not because of the number of victories. Not by any means. But because of the Patriot-like feel Kansas City is taking on with the addition of GM Scott Pioli, OC Charlie Weis, DC Romeo Crennel, QB Matt Cassel, LB Mike Vrabel and so on.

At least the Patriots won multiple Super Bowls with some of those guys on staff.

The San Francisco 49ers are hiring a bunch of guys that once spent time in Arrowhead. Today, they added another familiar face - former Chiefs OL coach and offensive coordinator Mike Solari.

Here's how the 49ers coaching staff is breaking down:

Name Position w/ 49ers Years w/ Chiefs Positions w/ Chiefs
Jimmy Raye OC 1992-00 TE, RB, OC
Greg Manusky DC 1994-99 LB (player)
Kurt Schottenheimer ST 1989-00 ST, DB, DC
Mike Solari OL 1997-07 OL, OC

The Chiefs were an outstanding team in the 90s when many of these guys walked the halls of Arrowhead. I guess it's nice that we have something we can yet again compare to the Patriots - at one time we had a heck of a coaching staff and folks liked to pluck from us.

Will it work for the 49ers? I'm not so sure. Marty's the one that held that thing together.

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