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Rasheed Wallace Boasting About His Kansas City Chiefs

As pointed out in Arrowheadlines this morning, basketball player Rasheed Wallace of the Boston Celtics has been boasting about the Kansas City Chiefs.

Boasting? Chiefs? 4-12?

Apparently so.

Rasheed Wallace was in a joking mood in the Celtics' locker room Wednesday, before returning to the Palace floor as an enemy for the first time since he signed with Boston last summer after 5 1/2 years with the Pistons.

He called a Detroit news media member by a nickname he gave him last season. He boasted how his beloved Kansas City Chiefs probably cost the Pittsburgh Steelers a playoff spot with a late-season upset.

Ah, yes, you know he's a true Chiefs fan if he's still excited about the victory over the Steelers.

If you're wondering how or why Rasheed Wallace is a Chiefs fan, check out this story from a few months ago.

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