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Tony Richardson: 'I want to touch the Lamar Hunt trophy'

Jets FB Tony Richardson was on The Program on 810 WHB yesterday and touched on some interesting topics with the crew there. As you probably know, Richardson is the starting fullback for the Jets, who play the Colts in the AFC Championship this weekend.

Before he signed off during the interview, he had to get one last thing in:

"One thing I definitely got to say is...A lot of people have been asking me all week long what is very special about this game for you. One thing I've always wanted to do is have an opportunity to touch the Lamar Hunt trophy. Mr. Hunt has been good to me and a lot of my teammates that I played with. So this game, for me, carries a little bit more weight. Obviously, we know what Mr. Hunt did for the city of Kansas City and what he's done for me and my career."

"To me, that would be the ultimate...If I could have an opportunity to touch that trophy."

Still love him. Still want him to win. I'll be rooting for the Jets and Tony Richardson this weekend.

After the jump in the rest of the interview, T-Rich touches upon Kurt and Marty Schottenheimer, the Jets o-line, Brad Smith and Marcus Allen.

On Brian Schottenheimer:

"This is my second year with Schotty and I'm really enjoying working with him. It's one of those things guys always ask me, "How was he when he was younger?" Schotty was always around. I  remember when he was playing quarter back at the University of Florida. He's a football junkie to the end and definitely a football junkie now. It's in his blood."

"Marty's philosophy was run the football and I know a lot of people in Kansas City didn't like that style but that style has worked well for us."

On the Jets' improvement to the offensive line over the last two years:

I've been fortunate enough in Kansas City to be around some great, Hall of Fame offensive linemen. Will Shields and Brian Waters. Casey Wiegmann is doing a great job for Denver. Willie Roaf. I've been around some really great offensive linemen....Across the board, it's crazy. All five of these guys [Jets linemen] are first round draft picks. They're a special group of guys.

On Brad Smith:

I love Brad. I remember watching him and everything everyone always said about Brad is true. Man of strong faith, just a great teammate. He basically won the game for us in Cincinnati. He's done a lot for us. He always delivers.

Four quickies:

When is the end of your football career? "I think it will be within the next 16 months."

Can you name a Golden Globe winner? "I think the guy from Inglorious Bastards won one, didn't he?"

More fun in the locker room: Mark Sanchez or Brett Favre? "I'd say Brett Favre because I was able to relate to him a little better because he's 40 and I'm 38."

Who's the best running back you've blocked for? "Oh, you can't put that on....Right now I'd say Marcus Allen because he's in the Hall of Fame, owns all the records. I've told Marcus this too - If Adrian Peterson can stay health for 16 years like Marcus did, he could be the best of all time. "

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