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Chiefs TE Brad Cottam Continuing Recovery From Vertebra Injury

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On December 22nd, the Kansas City Chiefs placed tight end Brad Cottam on injured reserve following an injury in a play that occurred days earlier.

On the play in question, Cottam caught a pass and almost did a flip but landed on his head. He got up, and walked away just fine. X-rays later revealed that he had a cracked cervical vertebra.

The following day, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley said Cottam had a successful surgery.

Now, almost a month later, Cottam gives us a quick update, via his Facebook page (via Ryan over at KC Chiefs Blog).

"[S]aw the doc today and should be out of the neck brace in 2 months," he wrote.

From what I've heard, he'll make a complete recovery, which is excellent news.

While he'll be out of his neck brace in two months, the timetable on his return to the field isn't known at this point.