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Tony Gonzalez: '2010 Falcons Could Be Best Team I've Ever Been On'

Former Kansas City Chiefs and current Atlanta Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez recently confirmed to the Falcons team website that he would return for the 2010 season. After the last game of the season he was using words like "if I come back.." so he got that out of the way and confirmed he would be back.

However, he also said in that interview that next season could be special for him.

"I’m excited about the direction this team is going in," he said. "We’ve got a really good football team and I really do believe this could be the best football team I’ve ever played on coming up next year."


I know, I know. He's the ultimate PR guy and says things like that to support his team.

But is he right?

A quick look at his tenure in Kansas City would probably indicate otherwise (in my mind). In 1997, the Chiefs were preseason darlings and backed up those expectations with a 13-3 season and a divisional playoff appearance. However, those darn Broncos got in the way.

(I'm not going to say much else about that season. It was really painful for me.)

And what about the 2003 season? Sure, it was a paper tiger team with Dick Vermeil's defense but the offense might have been top 3-5 in NFL history.

What do you think? Could the 2010 Falcons be better than the '97 or '03 Chiefs?

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