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Chan Gailey Talks About What Went Wrong With the Chiefs

After the Kansas City Chiefs announced last fall that Chan Gailey would no longer serve as the club's offensive coordinator, it was reported that he would potentially be staying on in another front office type role. However, that did not happen.

After the announcement, we didn't hear from Mr. Gailey for quite a while. For what I believe is the first time, Gailey talks about what happened in Kansas City. Via the handy, here's what Gailey had to say on 103.3 in Buffalo:

"Totally different philosophies about how to run an offense. When you have two very strong people in an organization who have very different philosophies, it doesn’t work. I tried to make sure that was understood from the beginning. It just was not a very cohesive situation. If you’re not cohesive, you’re asking for problems."

Nothing ground breaking there but I do find it interesting that he says he tried to make that understood from the beginning. 

One of the bigger critiques of Haley's decision was not actually letting Gailey go, but the timing of letting him go. Making the move weeks before the season crippled the Chiefs offense for much of the year.

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