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Chiefs FB Mike Cox Not Sure What's Next

Kansas City Chiefs FB Mike Cox was signed onto the Chiefs roster prior to the 2008 season. The obvious connection between he and the Chiefs was then offensive coordinator Chan Gailey, who coached Cox while at Georgia Tech.

Now, his contract is up and he's set to become a free agent.

He talked to his hometown news station, CBS 21 News, on Tuesday night.

Cox, a graduate of Red Land High School, told CBS 21 News on Tuesday night his contract is up and he's about to become a free agent after playing two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs.

"Hopefully (other) teams have enough stuff (of me) on film and I'll just have to see what goes down," said Cox of his uncertain future.

As Jason Bristol of CBS 21 News points out, a move to the Buffalo Bills could be in order since Gailey is now the head coach there.

Cox has four career rushing attempts for three yards. He also has 18 career receptions for 98 yards. He has one career touchdown (against the Broncos in the final game of the season).

Update 7:21 PM: I've recently learned that this story is kind of inaccurate. Cox is actually an exclusive rights free agent, which basically means the Chiefs hold his rights and if they tender him he can't negotiate with other clubs and can play for the Chiefs or no one next year.  Thanks.  -Joel

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