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Chiefs Scouts Rounding Out the College Football Season

As we start to round out the college bowl season, I figured it would be a good time to remind everyone of the games Chiefs scouts have attended this season.

I went back into our archives and picked out any stories we've had on the Chiefs scouts. No doubt they attended more games than the ones that are on the list I have but this is what we're working what.

These schools were represented more than once: Kansas (2), Florida (3), Wisconsin (3), Northwestern (2).

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli said a few weeks ago that he and his team of scouts were formulating questions on certain prospects that they could get answered during the college bowls and the NFL Combine.

After the jump, I linked all the stories on the games Chiefs scouts have attended this season. Thoughts/comments on these potential Chiefs?

Kansas vs. Duke

Tennessee vs. Florida

Eastern Michigan vs. Western Michigan

Maryland vs. Wake Forest

Ole Miss vs. Alabama

Missouri vs. Nebraska (Scott Pioli)

Kansas vs. Oklahoma

Purdue vs. Wisconsin

Penn St. vs. Northwestern

Arkansas St. vs. Louisville

Florida vs. Vanderbilt

Notre Dame practice

Oregon vs. Arizona

Michigan vs. Wisconsin

Washington vs. Oregon St.

Buffalo Bulls vs. Miami (Oh.)

Florida Atlantic vs. Troy

Wisconsin vs. Northwestern

Miami vs. South Florida (Scouting director Phil Emery)

Florida St. vs. Florida

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